CV Brig. Gen. (ret) Avi Bnayahu


Avi Benayahu was born in Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv in 1959 to Ya'akov and Leah Benayahu. He moved to Kibbutz Lehavor Chaviva in 1975, where he currently lives with his wife, Pnina and three children, Inbal, Tamar and Uri.

He began his career as a reporter and writer in 1977. Since 1993 he has worked in the field of communications and press relations at high level positions for the IDF and the security establishment.

Professional Experience

2012 CEO and owner of BNAYAHU Strategy and Consulting Ltd.

2011 Project Manager – IDF General Staff

2007 – 2011 IDF Spokesperson

2001 – 2007 Commander and Chief Editor of the IDF radio station, Galei Tzahal.

2000 – 2001 Commentator and reporter for Galei Tzahal on Army and security matters; Advisor to the Education and Youth Corps, and head of special projects.

1998 Communications advisor for the Israeli delegation at the Wye Plantation, USA peace talks with the Palestinians.

1996 – 1999 Communications advisor to Defense Minister Yitzhak Mordechai.

1995 – 1996 Communications advisor at the chamber of the Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Shimon Peres.

1995 Communications advisor at the chamber of the Prime Minister and Defense Minister, the late Yitzhak Rabin.

1994 Spokesperson for the Israeli delegation to the peace talks with Jordan, in his capacity as head of the IDF Communications Branch.

1993 Spokesperson for the Israeli delegation to the peace talks with the PLO at Tabah.

1992 – 1995 Head of the Press Relations Branch in the IDF Spokespersons Unit.

1985 – 1992 Writer and Military Commentator for the daily newspaper Al Hamishmar.

1982 – 1984 Part-time reporter for the Ma'ariv newspaper.

1977 – 1980 Military service in the Air Force Intelligence Branch.

Public Activities

2001 Administrative member of the Council for Journalism in Israel.

2006 Member of the Committee on Ethics in War, headed by Judge Daliah Dornor (Ret.).

2001 IDF representative on the Environmental Steering Committee.

1997 Member of the search committee for the Commander of IDF Radio.

1996 Head of Communications and Public Relations for the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty ceremony in Arava.

1992 Member of the Israeli National Committee on Combating Vehicle Related Accidents, appointed by President Ezer Wietzman.

1987 – 1992 Chairman of the Military Journalists Union.

1982 – 1985 Various positions on the Kibbutz Lehavor Chaviva Committee.

Education and Training

2003 B.A. in Political Science, University of Haifa. Graduate of the 300 hour "Mafne" course for management and leadership training of future high-ranking IDF officers.

1997 Mass Communications and English course, Bedford College, London.

1994 National Security course for military writers, the National Security College.

1993 50 day advanced study course on 'National and International Security – USA', invited by the US State Department.

Skills and Expertise

– A rich and varied experience in all Israeli journalism and media aspects, as a journalist, editor in chief, spokesperson and communication advisor.
– Experiences in managing and operating large systems under all circumstances – routine, stress and special events.
– Proven experience in strategic advising to main personals and bodies in the IDF, in the media, and in the public arena.
– Wide experience in crisis management in the level of state and organization.
– Management of hundreds of journalists, technicians and operational workers in a reality of tight budgets, while strengthening the spirit of the spirit of the organization, and improving their motivation.
– Managing public communication media under budget limitation and taking it to journalists achievements, and rating improvement.
– Managing and directing journalism courses while in charge of educating young journalists and giving them the right tools in real time.
– Managing and editing "Galie Zahal" which is Israel's Military radio, one of Israel's main public media sources.
– Close acquaintance with the Israeli society on it's many levels and layers.
– Familiarity with the work of the IDF, Israeli Knesset and government offices. Promotion and participation of legislation processes in the field of communication and security.
– Formulating and implementing communication strategies while using and coordinating the different media sources.